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Chelsea Plank Flooring is a brand name and registered trademark of a product manufactured by Frame Hardwoods in Chelsea, Michigan.  Frame Hardwoods has manufactured factory finished  ¾” solid hardwood plank flooring continuously longer than any other flooring manufacturer.  Chelsea Plank Flooring is designed and produced to offer residential and commercial customers extremely dependable ¾” solid product.  Right from the forest to a finished product on your floor, Chelsea Plank Flooring adds value that is rarely seen from a flooring manufacturer.

Chelsea Plank Flooring

Chelsea Plank Flooring is available in a myriad of product offerings.  Please click on logo to review 57 product offerings and selections.

Chelsea Plank Flooring Product Information & Selection

Chelsea Plank Flooring offers complete moisture content control and inspection.  Climate controlled facilities where the product is handled carefully from the forest to and in the factory.  Long term, and skilled employees process the product with care, skill and scrutiny.  Professional quality control processes in place every step of the handling and processing operation.

Chelsea Plank Flooring Product Characteristics

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Antique Ash

Aspen Maple

Autumn Ash

Bear Lodge Plank Ash

Big Horn Hickory

Black Hills Plank Ash

Black River Hickory

Boulder Valley Hickory

Bourbon Barrel White Oak

Buckskin Hickory

Buffalo Ridge Plank

Castle Plank Hickory

Chateau Cherry

Classic Light Maple

Classic Walnut

Clearwater Red Oak

Coffee Hickory

Copper Canyon Hickory

Cottage Red Oak

Country Gunstock White Oak

Country Honey Ash

Cumberland Gap Plank

Elk Valley Plank

English Pub Plank White Oak

Forest Moss Ash

Gold Rush Plank 

Grand Mesa Plank

Gunstock Ash

Hickory Stout Plank

Honey Ash

Iron Lake Hickory

Mocha Plank Ash

Montana Cabin Hickory


Mountain Lodge Cherry

Natural Mountain Ash

Nickelback Saloon Hickory

North Bay Hickory

Oak Leaf Ash

Old Forge Plank

Old Mission Maple

Orchard Bay White Oak

Oxford Ash

Ozark Cabin Hickory

Paradise Bend Hickory

Pioneer Cabin Hickory

Provincial Ash

Quartered White Oak Natural

Sawtooth Mountain Plank

Select Natural White Oak ( Golden Oak)

Springwater Cherry

Springwater Hickory

St Croix Walnut

Sunset Ash

Timber Ridge Hickory

Whitewater Hickory

Wolf Creek